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Inclusive Learning in Schools

Educational Lesson Plans and Resources

The Inclusive Learning in Schools project offers free educational lesson plans and resources that celebrate and promote inclusion, belonging, diversity and difference.

The project is a collaborative one, created by a variety of education professionals, including primary school teachers, learning support officers, high school teachers and special education teachers, drawing on their widespread knowledge and experience of the learning environment.

The lessons contain learning activities that facilitate conversations and celebrate the diversity of all learners. To assist teachers in creating an equitable classroom, and addressing the demands of diverse learners, lesson plans are also accompanied by a variety of optional learning adjustments and classroom strategies.

We would love you to include the Inclusive Learning educational resource in your classroom!

Access the Lesson Plans and Resources Here

Inclusive Learning Through Drama

Sensory Regulation through Creative Arts

Our Commitment

Education plays a critical role in shaping the lives of young Australians and contributing to a democratic, equitable and just society that is prosperous, cohesive and culturally diverse.

The units are in line with the NSW K-6 curriculum, and aim to support teachers of all levels in delivering inclusive lessons, and building upon their knowledge around inclusion, belonging, difference and diversity.

Blue Sky Community Services is committed to creating a world where young people are supported in becoming confident and valued members of their community.